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We have over 100 years of expertise

We carry a number of brands of rotary table. It may seem like a minefield of choice but this is where we come into our own.

A rotary table might be just a rotary table to some but the reality is on the inside, they can be very different indeed, different types of worm gear, different loadings, accuracy, rigidity, brake performance and so on.

To select the right rotary table for you is our aim, not just by the cost effectiveness but by the most appropriate, as cheap does not always work out best, neither does expensive generally mean you are getting the best product for you, so let us work together to find you the optimum solution from a wide variety of manufacturers from all around the world.

To provide an even broader service, we also have fully refurbished devices for sale, complete with the same warranty as a new one.

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Offering advice to customers from around the world

When buying a table you need to consider - will it fit my machine? Is it too heavy for my machine? Can I traverse all the axes to the extremities without chance of any collision? How will I control it on my machine? Who will fit it?

Talk to us, tell us what work you are doing, how physically big is it? What does it weigh? How accurate does the hole position have to be (diameter and radius from the centre)? What machining forces will apply at the periphery of the component?

CNCROTARY.COM has more than 100 years of combined CNC ROTARY table experience in sales, repairs and installations. If you would like any free technical support deciding which rotary table is best suited to your requirements.

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Thanks for the quick response as usual, I don’t know how I’d manage without you!

- Andy, Leading Manufacturing Company

You really have been a huge help through all of this. I am sure you must have lots of return business. Great job!

- Brook, Leading Engineering Company, Australia

We have already installed the table in the machine and we are pleased with your work.

- Karolis, Leading Fabrication Company, Lithuania