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Are you looking for the best possible performance from your rotary table or indexer?

CNCROTARY.COM offer a full range of bespoke maintenance schemes to suit the client’s needs, including a free inventory and report highlighting the possible issues by way of failure or availability of parts in the future for the equipment you currently use. To us a maintenance scheme is a working partnership which means we do your thinking for you. Talk to us now about how we can work together.

By working together and planning ahead with our “pre-strike” maintenance schemes, we can make sure that the machine is stopped for a minimum amount of time, no matter what disasters have befallen them.

All our maintenance packages are made just for you

Creating a working partnership with you.


We will visit your premises or multiple sites and prepare an inventory of the equipment in use.


We can then issue a report advising how easy or difficult it may be to acquire parts for these devices in the event of an emergency.


By understanding what you may have to deal with in the event of a calamity, it allows for suitable planning in advance to avoid costly and lengthy delays in production. This service is completely free of charge!


In addition, we can provide our client’s with a system of short tests that can be carried out by themselves, on a regular basis, to test their own equipment to allow them to monitor performance and be able to plan for service works and adjustments to be carried out, only as and when required.

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We offer a number of our clients the opportunity to buy critical spare parts in advance, these are held in our bonded stores area in Chesterfield. This allows us to guarantee fast repairs and to keep their production to a maximum. Being on site within 24 hours of any call, ready to start work with all the parts we need is an unprecedented service only we can offer.