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You will find a number of cable types and configurations within our shop, all will be new and where appropriate manufactured in-house or from the original equipment manufacturer.Our workshop also has ability to manufacture at short notice cables to any specification from high quality cable that is carried in stock, both with and without a choice of connectors and conduit type where appropriate.  We offer separate encoder, power and option cable only, pre-made to specification and length or as a standard pre-made length as can be seen. You can order cables manufactured to exact specification from flying lead to connector or connector to connector, it is your choice, or as a pair for a standard rotary table device for aftermarket use.If you do not see what you are looking for, please click on our chat icon for an immediate response during standard UK business hours. Alternatively you can email us at

Thanks for the quick response as usual, I don’t know how I’d manage without you!

- Andy, Leading Manufacturing Company

You really have been a huge help through all of this. I am sure you must have lots of return business. Great job!

- Brook, Leading Engineering Company, Australia

We have already installed the table in the machine and we are pleased with your work.

- Karolis, Leading Fabrication Company, Lithuania