Bespoke Design

At CNCROTARY.COM we have been supplying special design solutions for more than 25 years.

In some cases, the “box standard” solution is not appropriate to what you are trying to achieve, just picking a device because the faceplate size is right, does not mean it will give you exactly what you need.

At CNCROTARY.COM we ask questions, this is the only way to know what you are looking to achieve from a device and what performance is required in providing that achievement. It is simple to say “You need an 800mm table because the component journal diameter is 700mm, what cutting conditions are there? Will you be contour milling? Will the gear ratio allow contour milling to that depth on that material? Will the device support that weight without some assistance, modification or support? How accurately does that off centre component need to position at that radius to make staying within hole tolerance easy?

These are just a few of the many considerations in supplying and installing any device to any machine, there are very few companies with the skill, knowledge or experience to provide you with the correct answer, straight away, with an idea of what that is likely to cost. We do!

With experience of designing rotary tables for most applications, we are able to provide a vast array of solutions to meet the budgetary, technical or physical solution and constraints you may have, if we cannot do it, nobody can! Brave words you say? Give us the chance to prove them.

With products available from a number of manufacturers, we can select the device that best suits you, and modify it to provide exactly what you need. Our experience allows us to target the appropriate quality, performance, specification, special features, delivery time and much more!

With products from 80mm to 3000mm diameter, 1kg to 100,000kg carrying capacity, rotary, tilting and sliding products, no other Company can offer you such a complete solution.With extended warranties as standard, free guidance and machine survey through to a complete proposal, you will not need anyone else.


CNCROTARY.COM not just a brand… A solution
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