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MistMaster MM-21 Oil Mist Extraction System LEV

£2,695.00 ex. VAT

Part No.MM-21
Delivery lead time: 2-3 Working Days

Exposure to airborne oil mist, dust, smoke and fume particles commonly found in manufacturing facilities can cause a number of occupational diseases including skin conditions, respiratory problems and even cancer.

The MistMaster MM-21 is capable of cleaning 21 m³/min.

Why the MistMaster?
• Coolant refine & return system
• Pressure gauge warning system
• Double stainless-steel pre-filters
• Powerful centrifugal drum
• 5-stage filtration system as standard
• Low running costs, 240v supply (standard plug)
• Technical assistance & after-sales service
• Rental options available

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Dimensions: (mm)
L: 494 W: 460 H: 750

Mounting options: The unit has a dual angle mounting catch plate, which allows the MistMaster installation to be made directly to the machine roof, side or back panel, which means full vortex power is exerted on the particulates and is not lost in a length of hose.

Machine guarding: The majority of machines these days have enclosed guarding, the regulations are satisfied if the machine has a MistMaster on it whether there is enclosed guarding or not. The MistMaster or any other device is clearly not as effective if the machine is not sufficiently guarded, so as part of our service we can provide advise on guarding required or offer to manufacture, supply and fit guarding as part of the installation process. We believe this is a unique service offered by CNCROTARY.COM.

HSE generally recommends using LEV on all CNC machine tools as the most effective way of controlling contaminated air at source. Protect your workforce from exposure to potentially harmful airborne oil mist particles. The MistMaster filtration units run between 0.8-1.6 amps, around 4 times less than any other leading UK manufacturers, resulting in the ability to run FOUR MistMaster units for the same cost as one unit supplied from other leading manufacturers.

Rental options: Enjoy all the benefits with low upfront costs, affordable rates, a lifetime warranty, and a fully managed, no-hassle HSE service plan.

*By using CNCROTARY.COM to service your MistMaster, you will be provided with a full and comprehensive service of the device, certification and performance levels along with safe removal of the old filters. You will also receive an additional 12 months parts and labour warranty on the MistMaster itself. Annual servicing of the MistMaster will keep it operating at tip top performanmce levels and will also have the benefit of providing you with a lifetime warranty.

Guarding and transformers if required are at extra cost.

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Thanks for the quick response as usual, I don’t know how I’d manage without you!

- Andy, Leading Manufacturing Company

You really have been a huge help through all of this. I am sure you must have lots of return business. Great job!

- Brook, Leading Engineering Company, Australia

We have already installed the table in the machine and we are pleased with your work.

- Karolis, Leading Fabrication Company, Lithuania