Rent to Buy

All our products, except special bespoke new devices, can be offered under our low cost simple ownership scheme, known as “Rent to Buy”!

For people setting out on the road to 4th or 4th and 5th axis machining, it can be an expensive process and major investment, without always knowing that the investment can be recovered.

From little acorns is the saying, so if you need a device for short time, to complete a contract or to allow you to be competitive in quoting for work taking you into this arena, we have all the answers.

Our customers can rent a table from us at a low monthly rental and when you have finished, just send it back, there is nothing else to pay. Get or complete that contract with our help!

Borrow a device from us if you are going to be without one, you will always find your device fails at the most critical time, when perhaps extensive repairs will be required, only CNCROTARY.COM will help you!

Or simply use the scheme to own a device without having to pay the whole amount, by using “RENT TO BUY” you can rent the device for up to 9 months, the cost of the rental can then be deducted from the cost of the device and in month 10, you pay a transfer of title fee of £250 and the table is yours. No finance agreement and if your circumstances change, you just send it back with no more to pay.


CNCROTARY.COM make it easy!
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