Service / Overhaul

Service and overhaul can be carried out by our specialist engineers, ideally back at our works where we have all the specialist tools built up over the years of working on probably every make and model of rotary table.

Some devices do need very special tooling which we have manufactured as and when required to suit many devices, so our choice would always be, ship the unit to us, we have mechanical and electrical spares to hand to deal with just about everything.

Simple repairs to complex technical issues are all dealt with by CNCROTARY.COM our many years allow us to pinpoint quickly where those troublesome issues may be, it can take others much longer to diagnose and cost considerably more because of it.

Just disconnect and pack either in a box or on a pallet and we can arrange to collect and return it to you afterwards. All our quotations are completely free of charge, all you pay for is the shipping if you do not wish to proceed.

We can come to site, but it is impossible for our engineers to carry everything for every eventuality, so if you can, get it back to us, in the long run it will be quicker and more cost effective than a site visit.

If the device is integral, then we would be happy to visit you and establish the issues you have and provide a solution there and then, or a plan of attack to get you running once more.


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