Fault Diagnosis Support

CNCROTARY.COM work in partnership with all of our customers, providing a free, fault diagnosis service.

On many occasions the fault can be simple and straight forward, asking for a service engineer to visit will take time and cost money, when in the most cases, a fault can be repaired by your in-house maintenance or yourself.

There are no premium line charges, just free help, where else can you get that sort of service?

If an alarm appears on your machine, we have self-help documents, together with a large number of electrical and mechanical drawings, these we can send to you or they are online and free, at www.cncrotaryshop.com if you need a part, we can send you the link to the item, it is usually in stock and with you the very next day!

Our shop members get very special discounted prices from those shown to non-members, why not take a look, join us and be prepared!

Hopefully, together we can help you easily diagnose where the problem lay, if you are unable to complete the repair, we can arrange to collect the device and quote to carry out the work on your behalf. Our quotations are completely free of charge, if you do not proceed with the repair, you only pay the carriage charge.

CNCROTARY.COM… Your partner!
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