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Zeatz PHV & PH Model Gear Box Gearset Version 2

£1,250.00 ex. VAT

Delivery lead time: 3-5 Working Days

Zeatz PHV and PH models 450, 600 and 800 until 2008 were fitted with two versions of the gearbox get set. This gearset was manufactured by Zeatz, gearset 1 was manufactured by Girard for Zeatz. This gearbox was designed to be the weak link of parts and is easy to change. Both gearbox versions will fit any gear box of the models 450, 600 and 800, however we carry both sets and you can select the correct set from the image attached.

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Thanks for the quick response as usual, I don’t know how I’d manage without you!

- Andy, Leading Manufacturing Company

You really have been a huge help through all of this. I am sure you must have lots of return business. Great job!

- Brook, Leading Engineering Company, Australia

We have already installed the table in the machine and we are pleased with your work.

- Karolis, Leading Fabrication Company, Lithuania