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Detron GFA-101S Tilting CNC Rotary Table

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From the world’s largest rotary table manufacturer, the beautifully compact GFA-101S, a size not offered by many manufacturers, allows the smallest VMC to have 5 axis capability, coming in at less than 500mm.

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    90 kg

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    Faceplate Size:

    100 mm

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    H: 231.00mm x L: 499.50mm x W: 426.00mm

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    2 Years

Additional Information

DETRON is a first class, high quality manufacturer from Taiwan and in our experience build an exceptional device with a very long service life. They are now the World’s largest manufacturer of CNC rotary tables. This range of DETRON devices come with dual lead worm and wheel, which means that backlash adjustment, should it ever be required, is simple. DETRON products carry a standard two year parts and labour warranty with an option of an additional year. CNCROTARY.COM, can support this device for its lifetime.

Recommended Applications

The DETRON is a heavy duty but compact, CNC rotary tilting device, ideally suited to small drilling and tapping centres or for small VMC machines, with a faceplate diameter of 100mm. This device is around 499mm in overall width subject to motor selection which suits a wide range of machine tool bed widths the centre line of tilt being only 187mm from the centre line to the rear of the machine table. The unit has an exceptional tilting range of -17 to + 107 degrees.

Device Specifications & Details

The unit still has a good sized through hole has of 30mm spindle bore and a has a centre height of 135mm in the vertical position (90 degrees) and 205mm in the horizontal position (0 degrees) with faceplate. An excellent carrying capacity of 20kg through the whole tilting range and 35kg horizontally or more between centres and speeds of up to 33.3rpm in the rotary axis and 16.6rpm in tilt dependent on motor selection. (Based on a 3,500 and 3,000rpm motors respectively). The DETRON GFA-101S CNC rotary tilting table is offered without motors, but can be prepared to suit any interface at additional cost (see our interface listings for details and costs for “external interface” (motor, switch, cable and connector requirements if you already have a “4th / 5th axis interface” in the machine) and machine interface costs (if you do not have the additional axes fitted). Rotary axis motor is mounted to the right hand side on this device and may restrict the Y axis capability in certain circumstances, the tilt axis motor is mounted in a rear facing direction on the far side of the device and should not have any bearing on traverses.

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We have already installed the table in the machine and we are pleased with your work.

- Karolis, Leading Fabrication Company, Lithuania

Brilliant service, thank you!

- Mike, Established Engineering Company, UK

The table works very well and with good accuracy, you did a very good job. We are grateful that we have your professional technical support that can help us.

- Danila, Leading Aerospace Company, Romania