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April 4, 2017

Category-Banner-EncoderDid you know that you do not have to have the exact same make and model encoder to replace your faulty one?

Most encoders have direct comparisons with other makes, such that an alternative brand could simply bolt in place, with the same frame and location holes, same shaft diameter and length.

There are very few variations in encoder feedback types so it is generally quite easy for us to offer an alternative to your original unit.

Furthermore, you can use encoders from the same or different makers with a different line count to the one you are seeking as a simple parameter change in your control can deal with a wide range of counts.










For example: If you have a faulty Heidenhain ROD 250 18000 count encoder that you need to replace and you are unable to locate the same make and model. You are not limited by the encoder counts (circled in red), for example you could use a 9000 count encoder instead, (does not have to be the same make as the one you are looking to replace) with just one simple parameter change, this will provide identical results and performance.


This means you are not held to ransom over rare units or by manufacturers who insist you can only buy this part from them.

Please contact our technical sales department for further assistance and guidance.


If you would like to take a look at our wide range of encoders on our online shop please click here, if you do not see what you are looking for, just chat with us!



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